Vision & Mission

                       Vision Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics                          Given its commitment as a school that contributes to the development of business in IndonesiaPMSBE strives to be leading partner and point of reference in the advancement of theories and practices of businesseconomics, management, accounting and other programs relevant to a diversity of high-calibre business leaders and   practitioners that are respectable, civilized and ethical

                               Vision Undergraduate (S1) Program : Management                                        To contribute significantly to the progress and prosperity of the nation by developing human capital become professional business practitioners with solid management knowledge and strong business acumen, possessing high entrepreneurial virtues and social sensitivity 

                                   Vision Undergraduate (S1) Program: Accounting                                    To serve as a national referral for accounting education in Indonesia

      Prasetiya Mulya          School of Business           and Economics                                                 To provide quality education in business economicsbusiness management, accounting and other related programs so as to produce outstanding business leaders and practitioners that are respectable, civilized and ethical whilst     also respectful towards plurality and contributory to the development of the nation and state of Indonesia.

  Undergraduate Program         S1 Management                                To develop sustainable learning processes ensuring that understanding takes place commensurate with academic levels, adaptive to changes in the business landscape;                                                       To foster patterns of       interaction among    students, faculty members     and educational staff that      strengthen the character      building of its graduates.                                                 To cultivate academic environment and learning processes that foster the social sensitivity of its graduates.

 Undergraduate Program          S1 Accounting                                                     To provide education and    teaching of high quality    accounting for business    practitioners, leaders, and              researchers.                                                            To produce globally    competitive graduates who    uphold professional ethics         and human values                                                            To develop the discipline and practice of accounting for the development of business and improvement of the welfare of mankind.