Tuition Fee



Development Fee


- Jakarta ( Term 4)

- Jakarta ( Term 5)



Rp. 70.000.000,-

Rp. 80.000.000,-

Fixed Fee

Paid on every semester

Rp. 11.500.000,- / semester

Variable Fee

Depend on how many credit will be taken

(credit on 1st and 2nd semester are  20 credit/semester)

Rp.  475.000,- / credit

Orientation fee ***

Rp.   4.000.000,-


*** Paid once during first year 

Tuition fee above exclude books fee

Scholarships are available to those who fulfill the requirements 



Development fee can be paid in 2 installments:

  • First semester course fee including Fixed Fee, Variable Fee, and orientation fee have to be paid by the latest August, 5  2016.
  • Payment can be made directly to Prasetiya Mulya’s cashier (cash or BCA debit), OR transfer to BCA Account No. 205.000.5634 under the name Yayasan Prasetiya Mulya, BCA.

Please write full name of the account bearer. If payment made by transfer, please fax us the payment slip to 021-304-50-505, addressed to: Yustinus Ricky, phone: 021-304-50-500 ext. 2136 or text to 0857-1849-7013 or scan the payment slip and email



After graduating from high school, prospective applicants have to complete the registration process and complete the academic requirement. Details will be elaborated on confirmation letter.

  • The payment had been made will be refunded, after deducted by administration fee, as follows:


Administration Fee

Not graduate from high school

Rp 1.000.000,-

Accepted on state-owned university, private university, overseas university or Diploma Programs

50% from total development fee

  • Refund will be given the latest one month after the resignation letter received.
  • Resignation letter must be addressed to Program Director S1 Prasetiya Mulya through Admission.
  • Filling resignation without completing the provisions above is considered invalid and all payments have been done can not be refunded/withdrawn/transferred.
  • If the submission of resignation made ​​after August 5, 2016, only the tuition fee for the first semester that will be refunded (Fixed Cost & Semester Cost). Development Fee and Orientation Fee is non-refundable / withdrawn / diverted.

For Further Information, please contact Finance Office S1:

Phone. (021) 304 50 500 (Ricky)

Fax. (021) 304 50 505 SMS: 0857-7388-5108