Hubungan Alumni

The division’s function is to facilitate communication between all Prasetiya Mulya alumni so that they can get in touch, interact and network with one another and also with their alma mater.

Ikatan Alumni Prasetiya Mulya (IKAPRAMA) is the official alumni association/organization formed by the Prasetiya Mulya alumni. Its aim is to act as the unifying body for all the School’s alumni and secure a strong and influencing presence as a community in the business world. Various activities for networking, responsibility are organized. IKAPRAMA already has more than 3,500 alumni in its organization. Membership to IKAPRAMA is automatic on graduation.


One effective way to maintain relationship and reunite Prasetiya Mulya alumni is through alumni gatherings. The Gatherings are usually organized twice a year and include the participation of all alma mater’s civitas academia and Prasetiya Mulya alumni. The gatherings are sometimes formal (gala dinners, discussion forum, concerts, seminars, fun walk, etc)


Perkumpulan Golf Prasetiya Mulya (PGPM) was formed by Prasetiya Mulya alumni golf hobbyists. Faculty members, staffs and students are also active member of this community of golf lovers. Tournaments are held regularly each month to sharpen golf prowess on the green. Open tournaments are held every two years.


The most valuable program initiated by the Prasetiya Mulya alumni is the “Giving To” or Endowment program. In this program, alumni participate by contributing to the endowment fund aimed to provide financial support for the development of the undergraduate and graduate programs as well as for the under privileged students with potential. Part of the endowment fund will also be used to facilitate and enrich student life. Program provisions include scholarships, innovative academic programs as well as faculty enhancement, business research, etc.

While those activities are held by alumni organizations, Alumni relations communicate with the alumni through different media:

Newsletter : Published quarterly, Alumni Newsletter features articles on the latest campus events & news, alumni events & news, student life, topics of interest and interviews with alumni newsmakers.

Alumni Mailing List : Here, Alumni can post news or questions. Alumni can join the mailing list by subscribing. register your email to :

Alumni Website : In the website, there is a forum where Prasetiya Mulya Alumni can discuss and share any pertinent information beneficial for them .