Entrepreneurship Development Center

Entrepreneurship Development Center is a division under the coordination of Vice Chairman 1 Academic Affairs, the delegation directly under the Chairman of the Graduate Program. EDC was established to support the activities of Prasetiya Mulya Business Undergraduate Program


  • Become strategic partners in creating, develop and disseminate entrepreneurship education for students, academics and the public.


  • Creating a climate of entrepreneurship education innovative and value-added for the advancement of society.
  • Foster entrepreneurship research capacity dedicated to the depth of knowledge and improve its application in society.
  • Promote, assist and facilitate the development of entrepreneurial projects of students, academics and the public.

​​Routine program EDC

Intellectual Property Rights Clinic

Trademark registration opened every two months, is open to the academic community Prasetiya Mulya. Simply send registration requirements to EDC, and the brand will be registered directly to the Director General of Intellectual Property.

Clinical Safety and Health Food

Held once a year, in collaboration with the Department of Health EDC South Tangerang want to help academics Prasetiya Mulya in getting knowledge about the safety and health of Food. Certificates obtained is one of the requirements in registering PIRT.

Product photos and Legal Clinic

EDC will provide the services of a professional photographer to assist students in taking photos for their products.

Business Consulting

EDC is open to students of all majors who wish to consult about the business that is being run, better run business for personal and business classes.

EDC Activities 

Entrepreneur Day 2014

After seven years always held in the Campus Prasetiya Mulya, the annual exhibition event Entrepreneur Day (ED) claim Prasetiya Mulya S1 stage has now moved into the public arena. In this year, 2014 ED held in the Atrium MallAlam Sutera, Tangerang for 3 days starting from the date of January 17, 2014 to 19 January 2014. There are 64 groups of students who participated featuring prototype products and some projects are ready to sell the products of their work.



Entrepreneur Day 2015

Entrepreneur Day 2015 present the theme "Indonesian Entrepreneur Action Through Social and Technology". The annual event that has been held ten times embodies 51 business creation (product prototypes) of S1 Prasetiya Mulya first half as project assignments Technology Based Business subjects and 30 students of the 3rd semester project business courses Business Creation.

Business exhibition held by S1 Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics was held for three days at the Mall @ Alam Sutera, Tangerang on 14-18 January 2015 the number of visitors reached 17,000 people.

Overall 81 of the display business, the college announced some of the best businesses on Awarding Night which took place on Sunday (18/01) night. Business students who receive a jury assessment of academics, practitioners, employers, and the mass media have spread in the category Digital Application, Creative, Souvenir, Household Appliance, Traditional Games, Favorite Showcase, Creative Products, Beauty and Personal Care Goods, Apparel and Footwear Product, Organic Food Products, Food and Beverages Product.


Aurefo, product first semester students who won the category Digital Applications is an example of innovation to try to revive the Indonesian folklore with sentuhanAugmented Reality. As another example, Becik or Electric Pedicab. Vehicles with rickshaw body is able to run without pedaling, able to be folded, and teriontegrasi GPS technology. Then there Celengan Bongbangbung chosen as the best souvenir products. Piggy bank with character and sound Puppet Cepot has a counter for counting the savings in a piggy bank and will open automatically when it is full. There is also a Loop - pemenangh Traditional Games category - which offer traditional games jump rope and rope independence using a laser.



The third semester students of business products is more serious because in addition to having the value of innovation, they also have started to equip the business with operational systems, marketing, and finance. Fructus, the winner of the category Beauty Care and Personal Goods example. The first local nail polish product in Indonesia, which has the concept of a non-toxic water-based, and flavorful fruit is claimed to have had a production management system that includes safety standard certification on the material used.




Another example Sacirak, winner of the Creative category. Cleaning products and batik color guard so as not to fade it already has a marketing strategy to serve the target market consumers and cap batik.

Other facts of this exhibition, the committee takes into account the number of sales of each tenant and Cameleon appear as a winner of the highest sales through unique backpack bag products with sales of 18 million dollars for 3 days. ED exhibition activity also complements other series Entrepreneur Day 2015, namely Entrepreneurship Talk shows, Cooking Demo, and Cooking Competition on January 14 as well as Finance and Marketing Workshop tomorrow.


Is one of the external activities of EDC, designed for UKM. The participants in this event is free of charge. Seminar speakers bring that UKM that have been successful. On March 27, 2014, National Seminar entitled "Building Motivation Indonesian UKM Export All 2" held at the Auditorium Campus Prasetiya Mulya Cilandak. The seminar was attended by several speakers, namely Sofjan, Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association and Prof. Dr H. Suyatno, M. Pd as Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Colleges Region III, Jakarta.


Contact : edc@pmbs.ac.id / 021-30450500 ext. 2516-2517 ( Tania / Yayuk )