Internship Program and Mentoring

Apprenticeships (On the Job Training)

Prasetiya Mulya S1 students are required to attend an apprenticeship program (OJT, on the job training) by working in a company since the first year of their undergraduate course for a month during the semester break. The internship program is carried out to introduce each student to the world of work and learning professional work standards, build networks, develop necessary skills and personal maturity.

In semester 1 at subject Personal Development, students will get a preparation workshop for an internship program such as writing an application letter, CV and interview.

Students will get further internship opportunity during semester breaks. For final year students who choose project improvement for their final year projects, internship program is carried out in the 8th semester for 4-6 months duration in a company of their choices.


Mentoring and guidance program students by academic staff during the learning process in S1 Prasetiya Mulya. 

Mentor is FM (Faculty Member) and academic staff Prasetiya Mulya S1 given the responsibility to lead one class (40-50 students), a certain concentration or the entire final year students. Each student mentee is Prasetiya Mulya S1 guided by a mentor.

The Purpose of Mentoring

Mentoring programs conducted to establish an entrepreneurial behavior (character entrepreneur) mentee and members of academic guidance to the mentee during college at S1 Prasetiya Mulya. Broadly speaking, mentoring programs aimed at:

  • Help the mentee to define career goals and life.
  • Help the mentee with the support and advice of learning in general.
  • Help the mentee understand the strengths and weaknesses and recognize its potential.
  • Help the mentee be graduates of a mature, confident, highly motivated, resilient, ready to work in groups, being able to see the root of the problem, and challenged to do something new.


Role of the Mentor

Mentor is a student mentor roles WHO runs as follows.

  • Coaching - Mentor to help and encourage the mentee (student) to live lectures and abilities. In addition, the mentor also develop entrepreneurial behavior of the mentee, the skills of analysis, communication, interpersonal, self maturity, and persistence metee.
  • Facilitating - Mentor will strive to understand the purpose of life and the dream of every mentree will try to help the mentee to achieve it.
  • Networking - In the mentoring program there is a framework that allows the mentee socialize with parties outside the campus. In this case the mentor assigned to assist develop the network of the mentee.
  • Counselling and Supporting - At the mentee having problems with his tuition, academic achievement, and relationships with peers college, mentor role to give advice and support.
  • Assessing - In the end mentor should also provide an assessment of the existing mentoring programs and provide a report and work plan in each semester. Mentor monitor the development of entrepreneurial behavior of each mentee. Feedback is also provided to mentree in the form of written and verbal reports.