Introductory Program & Outbound

Introductory Program (IP)

Introductory Program is a series of orientation activities for new students Prasetiya Mulya S1 conducted annually. The program is structured to help the process of adaptation to the new students to the environment and the activities that take place on campus Prasetiya Mulya, introducing introduce and instill the values ​​CHAIN ​​(Caring, Humilty, Achievement and Integrity) and to submit the student's identity Prasetiya Mulya 4C (Character, Competency , Connectivity and Contribution). Introductory activities program is also expected to help the new students for the change of life style of school children into the lifestyle of a student and become a better person and valuable, so it can be adaptive in Prasmulyan Prasetiya Mulya campus.

The purpose of the implementation of the Introductory Program are:

  • Helping the process of adaptation of new generation of those students on campus Prasetiya Mulya.
  • Inculcate good ethics to the entire academic community Prasetiya Mulya (staff, FM and other students) and values ​​CHAIN ​​(Caring, Humility, Achievement and Integrity) inside the new generation of students.
  • Delivering insight and understanding 4C (Character, Competency, Connectivity and Contribution).
  • As the first event the Student Board to welcome new families Prasetiya Mulya is a new generation of students.




This outbound program is held annually at the beginning of the term with the following goals:

  • Providing the freshmen an image of the struggle, healthy competition, and cooperation of the challenging study in Prasetiya Mulya.
  • Providing training about environmental awareness. Also, nurturing discipline and appreciation, in the form of listening & obeying rules and respecting authority figures. This will hopefully help the freshmen to abide to the rules and ethics of study in Prasetiya Mulya.
  • Developing Esprit de Corps or pride of being a student of Prasetiya Mulya.
  • Honoring the values of Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program which are Caring, Humility, Achieving, and Integrity (CHAIN).
  • Enabling exploration and development of the five dimension of character: Analytical Reasoning Skills, Personal Maturity, Communication and Interpersonal Relations, Achievement, and Leadership.
  • Enabling understanding, development, and application of 4Cs identity of Prasmulyans: Character, Competencies, Contribution, and Connectivity.
  • Building cohesiveness and solidarity between freshmen as one batch.
  • Preparing the freshmen to adapt to their seniors in Prasetiya Mulya campus.



Undergraduate Student Outbound is designed by the student affairs division of Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program. They also involve active students from the previous batches that will also assist the execution of Outbound. Those active students will do so by playing the role of Lodestar. These Lodestars will cooperate with a team of observers (with background in psychology) to guide the groups of students in their daily activity. It is hoped that with these activities, outbound participants (the freshmen of Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program) will learn to behave according to the goal of the oubound as the manifestation of their adaptation in the family of Prasetiya Mulya.

One of the functions of Outbound is to provide an image of the subsequent education process in campus. Consequently, Outbound in 2014 and the following years will also be called as Business Simulation (field business stimulation). Business Simulation is the miniature of classroom education later on. This is what differenciates this Outbound with the others. Outbound of Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program will also provide character development training to help the students transform into businesspeople with expertise, tough character, responsibility, and social contribution. Simulasi Bisnis will teach its participants to develop strategies, process ideas creatively, and act assertively to accomplish their tasks.