Undergraduate Program

S1 Accounting

 An accountant not only has to master the required skills, but also has to understand the business process so that the financial information provided can be useful for the management in making a decision. It implies that an accountant is a partner to a business executive.

  The program emphasizes on three important aspects: business knowledge and concept, strong entrepreneurial character, and social awareness. These three aspects are expected to be possessed by S1 Business graduates. Students’ entrepreneurship skill will be enhanced throughout 4 years of full time study. 

S1 Banking

Having a degree in Banking can open various career opportunities within a bank from bank managers to the top level of bankers in local, regional, joint venture or international banks both conventional and sharia. joint venture This program major is comprehensively structured to educate future leader in banking industry and is developed to prepare students who aspire to develop career in the industry and enhance the employ-ability of the graduates.

The program focuses on all knowledge aspects of banking, develops skills and understanding various aspects on managing money in institutional settings such as banks and normally taught in similar Officer Development Program (ODP) or Management Associate Program that has been running in many banks.


S1 Branding

     Have you ever imagined a world without marketers ? We live in a world of similarity. Various products are created almost without significant differences. Have you ever seen a more salable and demanded product than others ? Imagine the products we made are not demanded by customer. For company, creating unique products and services that consumers wanted is a must thing to do.

Various Branding activities to introduce the products to consumers, are crucial matters. In creating Branding activities, marketers should manage all the consumer aspects, not only customer behavior, customer insight, customer journey but also managing consumer’s perception towards brand and company. Marketer should mastery all the branding/marketing tools available, offline and digital marketing tools. 

Brand Rejuvenation S1 Marketing became S1 Branding

Prasetiya Mulya University started S1 Marketing program in 2010. This is our aim to developed young and reliable marketers who will become rising-stars in national and multinational companies. Not only  become a creative profesional marketer, but also they also have the abilities to become reliable businessmen who had comprehensive knowledge about branding strategy. The branding strategy that is required to promote the products, so the consumers will, not only, be aware, but also buy their products.

In 2016, Prasetiya Mulya University rejuvenated and updated the S1 Marketing curriculum into S1 Branding. It expected to be more comprehensive and helpful so the students can anticipate the marketing and business challenges.

The students are challenged to be branding/marketing experts and mastery the arts of branding from identifying consumers, creating unique products and communicating the differences among products. 

S1 Branding graduated will have professional career opportunities as CreativeMarketer and also can pursue their passion become a CreativePreneur

S1 Business

  In the first semester, students will get business theories, case studies, and project tasks. The learning process is created to build entrepreneurial characteristics and the mentality of a businessman. Analytical thinking skills and courage to take risks are combined with strong leadership traits. After that students will experience how to do business opportunities assessment starting with a small group project. In the following semester, students will experience bigger challenges as they have to perform in bigger groups to create business, followed by business development projects.

In the third year, students will choose a major concentration and in groups to complete their final year projects either business projects or individual business case-improvement projects or research. All the 4-year learning experience hopefully can generate future business champions and answering the nation call in grooming more educated entrepreneurs for the country’s global competitiveness.

S1 Business Economics*

  With the increasingly connected global economy in the 21st century, Economics has evolved from being a “discipline” to an “approach” on how corporate organizations make strategic decisions to allocate the limited amount of resources. Businesses now also face new challenges as the environment changes constantly, more volatile, complex and uncertain. 

    In S1 Business Economics program, students will learn how to apply Economics theory to solve business problems and how to analyze and forecast world’s economic situations and issues that can support strategic business decision. In order to prepare graduate in the global working environment, English will be used in the program as language of instruction and in addition of at least one foreign language

S1 Event

   The people in this industry must be skilled in handling people, projects and budgets, often across international boundaries. The skills and knowledge needed involve design, marketing, communication, innovation and planning. The work covers all stages of the events management process, from conceptualizing and planning projects, through venue selection, budgeting and marketing, to design, staging and operations management. They design events that appeal to diverse audiences, ensure the safety of participants, manage diverse stakeholders, limit the environmental impact of their activity and deliver events on time and to budget. 

    During the 4-year of studies, students will learn comprehensive knowledge and skills in event management. In the first year, some foundation subjects in business are given include principles of event business, fundamental of event management and visitor behavior in event. You will learn further functional management subjects and understanding business process in the second year include Creative and Design Thinking, Event Brand Marketing, Event Operations and IT for Event. Third year subjects include Event Sponsorship and Fund Raising, Facility and Venue Management, Organization of Events, Values and Ethics, Logistics, Project Management and Strategic Management.

    You may choose Internship or Event Project for your final year includes some advanced subjects in event such as Global Issues in Event Management, Event Planning and Strategy, Vendor and Customer Relationship Management. During your studies, some internship projects will be assigned to experience industry-related projects and other related-management skills include some Business Communication modules and professional skill development subjects.

S1 Finance

     In today’s global, competitive, and dynamic capital market, earning a degree in Finance has been considered as the most intelligent decision to make. Finance graduates have various career opportunities by becoming portfolio manager, risk manager, research analyst, and investment banking analyst or chief executive. This program is also intended to prepare students who would like to take CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst®) exams right after graduation or to continue their education to higher degree programs such as MBA or MSc. in Finance, Investment, or Banking.

     S1 Finance curriculum has been designed to be aligned with CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge which is accepted and applied by investment professionals around the world without eliminating PMSBE core courses. During the 4-year program, the curriculum consistently and gradually includes four aspects of finance expertise: ethics and general business, accounting and quantitative methods, finance theory, and research.

S1 Tourism Business*

   Tourism  business  potential has no limit and the industry is dynamic.  Tourism activity could preserve culture, protect nature, build community and elevate the economy. Tourism Business  program is a combination of tourism  and business studies. The Program is designed to contribute in regional economic andtourism development. The program has its vision to hold national reputation in teaching, research, community development and become a role model intourism business theory and practice.  

   The students will be exposed to the tourism and hospitality industry from the beginning to the end of the study. The students will have an understanding of tourism ecosystem by experiencing in managing accommodation, restaurant, theme park or other tourist attraction and destination. Students will be given real case in tourism and hospitality industry. The program graduates are expected to have hospitality sensibility, operational knowledge, management skill and entrepreneurial thinking.




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