Prasetya Mulya Foundation was established on May 19, 1980 started the first breakthrough ministry to establish educational institutions that called the Management Development Center Prasetya Mulya.

Program yang diluncurkan adalah program MBA modular, yang menjadi program MBA pertama di Indonesia. Modul Dasar I dari program MBA modular ini pertama kali diselenggarakan pada tanggal 6 September 1982, dan dilangsungkan di Hotel Kemang.

The program launched is modular MBA program, which became the first MBA program in Indonesia. Basic Module I of the modular MBA program was first held on September 6, 1982, and held at Kemang.

Besides Modular MBA program, also developed other programs such as Applied Education Program for entrepreneurs of small industries in collaboration with the Department of Industry in Jakarta. This program started to be held in 1982 and lasted until 20 forces and was followed by more than 1,100 participants.

In 1983, the Management Development Center Prasetya Mulya changed its name to Prasetya Mulya Management Institute. This institution is an institution of education and training of management and contextually appropriate to the circumstances of Indonesia. Learning takes place in the Hotel Kemang up in 1984.

In 1984, the institute moved to a new building located in Cilandak. The new building begins degnan groundbreaking on November 10, 1982 by the Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Daoed Joesoef and inaugurated on 12 November 1984 by the Coordinating Minister EKUIN, Prof. Dr. Wardhana

Executive Development Program was first held Prasetya Mulya Management Institute in cooperation with PT. Astra International in 1984.

In 1993, due to government regulations, Prasetiya Mulya Management Institute was renamed the College of Management Prasetiya Mulya. At the same time, the MBA degree was changed to MM.

At that time, the School of Management Prasetiya menyeleng-run movement Mulya MM Regular program for fresh graduates; and Executive MM program for those who already have 5 years of managerial experience. In the same year, College of Management Prasetya Mulya began holding Certificate of Business Management as a non-degree programs that serve the needs of businesses, both owners and professionals, and who want to follow integrated management of learning.

Prasetya Mulya School of Management launched a new program in 2001, the Junior Executive Program MM. This program is intended for candidates who have experience in entry level or assistant manager level. To a greater contribution, in 2005, Prasetiya Business School launched the S1 Business.

In November 2015, permits the establishment of the University Prasetya Mulya obtained from the Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education.

Source: The book "Prasetya Mulya University, Landscape Learning Plenary Citizens for the nation through the intellectual level of the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Plural and Excellence", Prasetiya Mulya Publishing, March 2016.